The Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory (FEAST) is pleased to announce the


Second Annual Summer Institute for Undergraduates

July 2229, 2007

Co-sponsored by the Rock Ethics Institute , College of the Liberal Arts , and American Philosophical Association

This seven-day institute is designed to encourage undergraduate students from under-represented groups to consider future study in the field of philosophy. PIKSI will emphasize the on-going project of greater inclusiveness that is transforming the discipline, inviting students to be participants in the conversation.

PIKSI is permanently housed at the Rock Ethics Institute at Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania. The Director and the theme will change on a regular basis.



2007 Theme

"Living Philosophy: Experience and Transformation"


Director: Shannon Sullivan, Professor of Philosophy, Women's Studies, and African and African American Studies at Penn State

This year's theme will explore philosophy as a living, dynamic enterprise generated out of both everyday and extraordinary human experience. Abstract philosophical reflection often arises out of the puzzles, problems, aspirations, and anxieties of real life, making philosophy a passionate and meaningful enterprise. Combining standard texts with feminist theory, critical race theory, disability theory, and other nontraditional work, students will investigate how lived experience has helped shape philosophical reflection from its earliest beginnings to today. Through readings, writing assignments, visiting lecturers, and professional development mentoring, students will learn that their own perspectives and experiences can contribute to the ongoing development of philosophy.

For further information also contact PIKSI Board Members Eva Feder Kittay, Chair, Barbara Andrew, Joan Callahan, Sarah Miller, Naomi Scheman, Anita Silvers, and, Nancy Tuana.

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